Empcord Jihadis

Meme of the Week

On June 24th 2020, Empcord was taken down. In its place, many splinter servers were created. Many of these server were small communities that exist today and do not cause much trouble. There ended up being 3 servers that could contest for the title of the new empcord. Patreoncord is a server that was created by Emp and the homosexual mods. The server can only be acessed by donating to Emps patreon. This is an insult to all people of empcord that we will fight against!! At first we supported a server called BBDcord until the owner went apeshit and banned everybody. Now the Jihad Reconizges Amrcord (link in contacts). Together we will fight patreoncord and reclaim our HOMELAND!!

Resist Patreoncord!

Fight for a homeland!